WordWeb Developer: Thesaurus/dictionary database licensing

The dictionary database is available to license in tab separated plain text and MySQL formats for use with standard database engines. This is ideal for web applications, and the tables can also easily be imported into SQLite.

SQL and plain text database data (v5.1)


  • 219 000 word senses with sense number, word type, synonyms id, and usage flags (English varieties, vulgar/offensive)
  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Pronouns, Interjections and others
  • 130 000 Definitions
  • 49 000 Usage examples
  • Related word tables for antonyms, similar words, type of, part of, types, parts, see also
  • 116 000 derived forms table with derived form (plural, past, past participle, etc) and roots
  • International - full coverage of American, British, Canadian, Asian and Australian spellings and words


A subset of the available information can be accessed by the simple online demo. The demo does not show related words information and is running using an old version of the database.

Look up word:

Database Format

You can see the table structures in the SQL base file. The database files that are supplied are simple tab separated plain text files with the content of the various SQL tables. For example see the small word types table. The demo above shows the sort of SQL commands that can be used to extract information from the database.

The usage field is a sum of the following spelling/usage flags: British (UK+Commonwealth except Canada) (2), American (4), Canadian (8), UK only (16), Australian (32), Irish (64), New Zealand (128), South Africa (256), Asia (512), Vulgar (1024), Offensive (2048), Archaic (4096), Non-standard (8192), Dialect (16384), high-frequency (32768). Zero indicates the word is international.

Synonyms can be obtained by identifying word senses with the same ID field. The ID field also indexes the definitions. Usage examples for a particular word sense are indexed by the word_sense field.

The see_also and antonym tables relate word senses to each other via their word_sense fields. The other related type tables (similar words, type of, part of) relate word groups (synonymous words that share a definition) to each other via their ID fields. Types and Parts can be obtained simply by using the columns of the type_of and part_of tables in the reverse order.

Word senses are indexed both by an exact word string, word, and also an equiv_word field which is the same word but in upper case with any punctuation and accents removed - useful for looking for words when the exact punctuation (hyphenation etc.) is not known.

Use the demo above to look up a word and see the kind of SQL command that can be used to easily extract information from the database.


Purchase of the WordWeb data files grants non-transferable non-exclusive license as follows:

  • The database files may not be redistributed in unencrypted form, or any form where the data would be accessible other than through the licensee's software
  • Applications using the data may not be competitive with any WordWeb Software product (WordWeb, WordWeb Pro, WordWeb Developer, Word Find, Crossword Helper, Crossword Compiler or Crossword Solver)
  • Applications may only display small (<0.1%) fraction of the database at one time
  • Web application may not be directly competitive with WordWeb Online

Please if you have any queries about licensing or requests for exceptions to the above.


Orders for WordWeb Developer are handled by ShareIt, Inc (Digital River). The product consists for plain text (tab-separated) database tables, and sample MySQL table definitions for importing them. The cost is US $1499, and after purchase you will receive an email with download link for the data.

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