What's New

Version 8 substantially improves the support for one-click lookup (and replace) in many Windows programs, including full support for Windows 10. The database has been revised with thousands of new words, definitions, synonyms and related words.

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If you have an earlier version of WordWeb Pro you can upgrade, or see the main ordering page.

Changes in WordWeb Pro 8 include:

  • Thousands of new and revised definitions
  • Fast and reliable one-click lookup in the latest Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers
  • Updated for Windows 10 and one-click in most Windows 10 store apps
  • Improved one-click and keyboard lookup, including in Thunderbird and FireFox (no plugin required)
  • Improved suggestions for misspellings
  • Web reference embedded browser support for more modern sites
  • Option to set the default dictionary to be a custom web reference
  • New in 8.1: New Chrome and Opera browser extensions, with fast reliable look up and Replace functionality in edit boxes

Version 8 of course also includes all the new words and features in previous versions. For example if you are using WordWeb 6, WordWeb 8 in total now has 60,000 more words!

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