WordNet errors and omissions

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Errors/omissions in WordNet 2.1

Words removed in 2.1: isosceles (changed to incorrect isoceles), de trop, pluvial, lorn, a bit much, goods (made singular), wares (made singular), how come, wet behind the ears, hair-trigger, apres-ski, far-reaching, value-added, well aware, close-cropped, neither, one and the same, stammeringly, stutteringly

Missing alternative forms: ozonise, cream-coloured, creamy-coloured, liver-coloured, pale-coloured, pastel-coloured, peach-coloured, rosy-coloured, rose-coloured, tricolour, silver-coloured, creolise, vaporised

Errors/omissions in WordNet 2.0 and 2.1


Suggested additions (including most frequently searched for missing words and words common in the BNC):
carve out, paragliding, Baikal, twentieth-century, settlor, self-proclaimed, recombinant, corporatism, corporatist, client-server, centre half, centre back, aromatherapy, modal verb, nelson(wrestling), Guantanamo Bay, bhaji, historicism, glop, happy-clappy, pavlova(dessert), defeat), cliquey, G7/G8, swivet, Asperger's syndrome, Potemkin, Karl Popper, canola, skeeter/mozzie, Provençale, unicode, courante, dibs, sitting pretty, STD, parameterize(-ise), posterize/ise, profiterole, gazillion, learning curve, Freon, nuanced, downshift, apparatchik, eschaton, reflexology, biopic, boatyard, blaxploitation, discography, extraordinaire, complicit, ratatouille, nisei, subwoofer, MPEG, hottie, cutie, thixotropic, petroglyph, snarky, Humvee, Duma, ansatz, twinkie, gee-whiz, pound sign, to wit, bling/bling-bling(common in UK), frig(usually frigging), poxy, jok(e)y, creme de la creme, manana, box lunch/packed lunch/cut lunch, navel-gazing, headhunt, catch 22, polyamory, G-spot, cavitation, basmati, multidisciplinary, prequel, piecewise, adware, workaround, feng-shui, liposuction, [coalfish, coley, saithe, sillock], permille, pococurante, OEM, chiral, [short apples: Bramley, etc], ballsy, contra(nicaragua), pilates, boy band, bukkake, coronavirus, intercity, limescale, moccachino, pros and cons, self-inflicted, service provider, themed, 24-7, wunderkind, fair play, false bottom, false start, fanzine, fast forward, far gone, feta, fly-half, French Guiana, earplug, delimiter, eatery, girlie, turbo, xenophobe, kewl (web), fibromyalgia, arthrotomy, Reuters, phat, codec, warez, complicit, diktat, en suite, Avalon, munchkin, sequitur, storyboard, film noir, metrosexual, CCD, shall, shalt, ciabatta, fuckwit, Potsdam, foosball, quesadilla, hokey cokey, intercity, moccachino, ballsy, boy band, limescale, self-inflicted, vide, white spirit, placing(n), demise(v)

Common regional senses missing:
Aus/NZ: chook, rort, shonky,home unit,gunyah,fibro,Doona,daggy,bunyip,Buckley's,brickfielder, bludge,beltman,barbie,arvo,lolly(=candy),op shop,bathers,removalist,stickybeak,de facto,Doona,ocker,tucker,jackaroo,didgeridoo, dinkum, dunny, joey,sheila,jube,jumbuck,larrikin,mullock,nong,nork,road train,roo,sharefarmer,skerrick,spruik,stonkered,stubby(n),two-up,vigoro,wharfie,wobble board,woomera,wowser, John Howard(etc)
Can:eavestrough, loonie, toonie, parkade, tuque, Parti Québécois, Canadian Shield, Canadienne, Canadiana, social assistance,riding,hydro,Chrétien, Martin(+older, esp Trudeau, etc..)
Ir: Bertie Ahern(etc),Taoiseach, garda
Brit+other non-US: Cantabrigian(a), director-general, barney, footy, wanker/tosser(fool), poofter, oilseed rape(canola), mains(electricity), squash(concentrated drink), spunk(semen), sherbert(fizzy sweet), shattered(exhausted), knock-up(warm up), knock up(make), deadbeat(tired, idle man), chippy, speed camera, treacle(thick black stuff),Girl Guide(also CA),tailback(traffic), charlie(fool), mucker, honorary(unpaid), saddo(uncool person), look smart(quick),pootle,Rawlplug,rat run,brill(adj),growbag,Y-fronts, flapjack(not=pancake),filter(traffic light), Heath Robinson, manky(dirty),goolie(usually goolies),V-sign(offensive),try it on,trapezium(sides parallel in UK),traffic warden,toerag,tiddler(fish),tick off(tell off),tickety-boo,titch,superintendent(police),summer pudding,steading,soft fruit,cod(adj,spoof),scrummy,rumble(v,find out),rozzer,rising damp,pebble-dash,oik,NHS,moggy/moggie,local(pub),kite mark,Queen's Speech,juggernaut(truck),income support,hoopla(game),haberdasher(sewing goods),gift token,GCHQ,further education,quids in,fiver(5 quid),black spot(of accidents),bent(dishonest),beano(party),naff,faff/faffing,wrong-foot,fiddly,perv,bucket shop(travel agent),graduand,league table,prom(as in Proms),shag(v),identity parade,bollocking,snig,open day,jelly baby,sweet(=candy),revise(for exams),backbench(er)(Ca,Aus,NZ),Medicare(Canada,Aus),odds and sods,other half,nobble(seek out and persuade),washbag,sticky tape,skip(Dumpster),sandshoe,porridge(time in prison),charity shop,hessian(UK=burlap),granny flat,custard powder,petrol tank,leaded petrol,unleaded petrol,bowser/petrol pump(Aus/UK=gas pump),cack-handed, chappie, alcopop, busk/busker, middle England, roger(v), doorstep (thick bread slice), nick (steal, prison), poo, white spirit, whinge/whinger, willy, wheelie, dosh, wheelie bin, [Suffolk,Middlesex,Cheshire, etc (some are cheeses too)], trolley(=shopping cart), malarkey, Uey, yabber,ashfelt,bog-standard,bust a gut,chunder,French letter,PMT(=PMS), spot on, take the piss, yonks, bumbag, bog(=toilet), plonker, jammy, rat-arsed, slag off, china (friend),scouse
Asia: gherao, prepone
S. Africa: bakkie, braai, lekker, robot(traffic light)