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Component Features

Easy to use COM components:

  • Powerful thesaurus/dictionary showing synonyms, definitions and related words
  • Simple thesaurus-only alternative
  • Fast execution, even though the database uses advanced compression

Database contains more than:

  • 115 000 synonym sets with definitions
  • 140 000 root words
  • 210 000 possible lookup words

and includes:

  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, interjections and conjunctions
  • Proper nouns (place names, famous people, etc.)

Database customizer:

  • Add to and edit the database
  • Add your own definitions from a Comma Separated Values file

The Thesaurus/dictionary component can:

  • Extract root words (shows the definition for "octopus" when you look up "octopi")
  • Do inverse part of speech matching (look up a plural word, and it'll show plural synonyms)
  • Show irregular word form information (tells you that "sink" has past forms "sank" and "sunk")
  • Filter synonyms by part of speech and sense
  • Show pronunciations and usage examples
  • Show usage tags for different English varieties
  • Optionally flag or hide vulgar words

Finds sets of related words, including:

  • Antonyms
  • More specific words
  • Less specific words
  • Words for parts of things
  • Words for the things of which something is a part
  • Similar words
COM component database access

  • Directly access the database without showing a lookup window
  • Return lists of definitions, synonyms and related words

Optional Delphi source code and components

  • Native Delphi/C++ Builder components that can be used without external DLLs
  • Full source code, including objects for direct low level database access
  • One-line word lookup and replacement in a TEdit, TMemo or TRichEdit

Read the Guide file for usage details and licence information.

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